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Quick Q&A: Ali Greene, Mahtomedi forward

By Star Tribune, 02/01/13, 5:23PM CST


Ali Greene

Ali Greene is a forward for the Mahtomedi girls' basketball team.

Nickname: Alley Cat or Big Al.

Other sports: Volleyball and golf.

What's it like to have your dad, Dan Greene, as a coach? I like it a lot. He's been my coach since third or fourth grade, so I've just been used to him coaching me.

You average 18.4 points per game and have 312 points this season (before Friday's game). How do you do it? I think we're jelling more as a team and I think everyone's coming out and having more fun when we're playing. And I'm not thinking while I'm playing.

Favorite play: I like assisting people for three-pointers. I think it's cool when people make threes. Like when I get doubled and I kick it out and then they swish a three, I think that's awesome.

Favorite moment: Last year when we went into four overtimes against Hill-Murray. That was a really exciting game. We ended up losing by like six, maybe. But to tie us and put us into overtime, a girl on our team made like a half-court shot.

The best and worst thing about being 6-foot-1: The best thing is probably when you're in a crowd or at a concert you can see over people and the short people have to stand on their tippy-toes to see. The worst thing is probably trying to find dresses.

Your most recent obsession: I'm kind of obsessed with ''The Bachelor.'' It's just a really interesting show, like there's so much drama and it's funny to see how people act on TV. I've watched it for a long time, so I like to see the new people.

Your current jam: ''Hall of Fame'' by the Script and will.i.am.




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