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Quick Q&A: Jamie Swanson, East Ridge

By Star Tribune, 01/18/13, 4:20PM CST


Jamie Swanson

Position: Wing

After a 7-3 start, your team has hit a rough patch. Does that make it difficult to focus? No, I think we've been playing well and working really hard. We're playing a new defense, so we're getting used to that.

You're known as a good shooter. What does it take to shoot well? A lot of work. I shoot a lot of three-pointers. It's all repetition. And what you do in the offseason helps.

What sort of work do you put in? Our team practices for two hours every day and lifts weights. In the summer, I'm always at shootarounds and open gyms, practicing three-pointers and free throws.

Does shooting come naturally? I've always been able to shoot from outside. I'm not much of a driver.

Bread-and-butter shot? Probably a three-pointer from the left wing.

What's going through your mind when you're shooting? I really don't think too much at all. When you overthink is when you start missing.

Any other sports you play? Volleyball. But basketball is my favorite.

Why? My teammates. They make it so much fun. And I love the sound of the shoes squeaking on the floor and the feel of the ball in my hands.

Personal hero? My mom. She coaches my traveling team. She's pushed me to get better, and we talk basketball all the time. I owe everything to her.




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