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Bertha-Hewitt votes down co-op with Eagle Valley

By Karin Nauber, Independent News Herald, 11/19/12, 10:15AM CST


Eagle Valley will not have girls basketball for 2012-13 season

Members of the Bertha-Hewitt School Board labored over a request made by the Eagle Valley School to pair with Bertha-Hewitt for girls basketball for the 2012-2013 season.
A special meeting was held on Wednesday, November 7.
Board Chair Sharon Thiel asked for any comments from the floor prior to the discussion shifting to the board members only.
Arei Stokes, one of the girls on the basketball team, said she felt being a senior this would affect the team a little harder. She said she had also heard the pairing would be only for one year which she felt would also affect the younger players.
Nicole White, another member of the Bears team, said that she didn’t think it would be worth it to pair if Eagle Valley was only going to come over for a year. She said she was not for the proposed name change either, not for the number of girls coming over from Eagle Valley. The proposed name change would have been the Bertha-Hewitt/Eagle Valley Bears.

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